Her Dress Matches the Curtains

Not too many young women sew these days. It is just to easy to go to an outlet and buy something dirt cheap. And stores now have a sale for any reason possible, going out of business, grand opening, Labor Day, Presidents Day, end of summer, start of summer, Mothers Day, buy one get one, buy one get one half, just buy one!!!!!. More and more fabric stores are closing down and it is harder and harder to find a place to buy fabric that is reasonable…

When I was going to school, home economics was required for at least one year. I am all for starting those classes again. Let’s be real, in your life how often have you sat down and used your “Chemical Bond” theories or your geometry formulas or had to gut a rat for dinner? But you eat every day, every day and usually three times a day. And before you leave the house, your are certainly going to dress. Business casual does not mean naked with a tie!!!. How many times have you put on a brand new top just to have a button fall right off or a seam split the first time out? The clothing companies now all use sergers and shortcuts. And the Chinese are so clever with every fabric. What was once called “ends”, when the fabric at the end of the bolt was faded and misprinted is now used to design tops and dresses. We used to throw those pieces in the trash, now they sell in every store.

Sewing and designing were my favorites and studing clothing construction for four years was one of my favorite endeavors. Curious girl was also creative girl and you never knew what I might show up wearing. We did not have to wear uniforms then, and I really wish they did not wear them now, especially the girls. It seems to stifle the creative juices. But it is what it is.

When my first was a year old, found and a fabric outlet that just enthralled me… They had a sale and a certain print caught my eye, and the entire bolt ended up in my creative paws… Immediately my sewing juices were released and as sew mode took control….. my machine began to whir and out came, curtains, tablecloth, a sun dress for the baby, and sunhat….

Of course, the curtains were in place and table set before midnight the same day.  The next morning “Tutu” my sweet mother in law called. She wanted to take me and the little darling for an outing. We got ready and she showed up…..  Never forget the first comment she made, after the usual “good morning”….. “Linda, her dress matches the curtains..”…     and  so they did…..

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