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Came from Rock Springs, Wyoming to Garden Grove , California in the 1950’s. Grew up in a middle class white family that melded with a third generation Indian, Hispanic family after coming to California. Married a Black man later on in life and have five children.

Was not raised in any particular religious denomination and did not attend church or know much about God or the Bible, my husbands family, however were Christians and he had been raised in the Baptist church denomination and through my interactions with his family, especiallly his grandmother and mother, I came to know the Lord.

Much of my blog is about racial relations in America, not limited to Black and White, but my experiences in the Hispanic community and other ethnic groups that I have known and love.

I have lived through some amazing times, the assassination of both Kennedys, MLKing, the hippie movement, the Beatles, Motown beginnings, Janis Joplin, the Cold War, the start of Disneyland, the start of television,  the first man on the Moon, the internet, the Watts riots, Twiggy, Iman, and many other wonderful historical moments. I will mention some, I am sure..

I also often will write about the Church in America, because, unfortunately I have learned that the bigotry in our country is  directly related to the bigotry in our churches. This blog is in no way meant to criticize any denomination , God himself died for the church and built it and it will remain until He returns.. All that I report are MY personal experiences, you do what you want with the information presented…  I am free and free indeed and realized as a very young child that there is a God. Even though I did not know his name then, I knew that he created every living creature, in every color and culture and blessed them…

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have to agree with you on the comment about the Chruch in America.
    God is about “Love” ; an we as human or individuals should love all humans, but that is not the case in American. Individual say they love the lord, but hate there fellow person, and also allow this injustice to care on in this country with out speaking up to have it put to a stop. The Action of a few and the in-action of the many have hurt thousand of lives in many ways.
    Keep the faith and love all persons.

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  3. Thanks I am new at this and will check out that site….. I want my blog to become a book… thx

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